How to find a good Interior Designer

  • By SLAB Team

How to find a good Interior Designer

Finding the right Interior Designer for you and your home is definitely an import decision. A good Interior Designer needs to have two super powers. One of those powers is of course a supreme design aesthetic. The second superpower is a natural skill of psychology.

I know is sounds slightly strange, but think about it. This person will be designing the home of your dreams, so they need to understand you and your family. How your household functions day to day is as important as getting the ambience you desire. And of course, there will be times when you want crisp white walls and your partner is an idiot and wants aqua. A good Designer will complete a project without your Marriage ending in divorce.

So how do you find a good designer.

Talk with your architect if you have one. Word of mouth everything. The architect will understand the bones of your home, so will know just the right person for the job.

Alternatively, ask your favourite furniture, lighting or Homewares store. They work with designers everyday, they will have some great suggestions.

Last resort, look at magazines, blogs and social media. Find pictures that you love and ask the publisher or author who the designer was on the job.

Once you have some names, do your research. Ask for a portfolio in their previous projects. Then talk to their previous clients, see how happy they were with their end result.

Interior Designers are superheroes! They will save you time, stress and if they are good even your marriage. Just… DO YOUR RESEARCH!
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