How to make a small room look big!

How to make a small room look big!

We are now in the times of vertical living, that means apartments and more apartments. These days developers and architects are determined to fit the most amount of apartments into a development. The result of this tetras living is that our homes are getting smaller!

So how do we make the most of this?


There are some great tricks and tips that can make any tiny room feel palatial!

The first is mirrors and reflective surfaces. Placing a floor to ceiling mirror at the end of a hall or entry automatically doubles the space. Wall hung mirrors are also a great idea! Go big or go home! The bigger the better! Mirrored splash-backs are fantastic, creating an illusion of space.
Entry Desk
Metallic paints are also brilliant for adding brightness and depth to a room.

The second tip is multi functional furniture. Every piece of furniture should have more than one function. An ottoman should also be a coffee table, an entry console should double as a desk. A bed should double as storage with under-bed drawers or lift up storage. Here are some great suggestions

Finally,! Colour! Don't be scared to add some colour to a small room! Sure keep your walls white or white-esk! But add some colour with artwork, cushions, throws and rugs!
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