Top 5 Australian Interior Designers we all must follow for 2018

  • By SLAB Team

Sometimes redecorating our homes can feel like a kind of generational Groundhog Day. Some of us will remember our parents moving the tribe into the new family new home. This was then followed by years of inexperienced renovation or redecorating which included kilometers of wallpaper, paint and new furniture, ensuring each room had a stamp of the families personality only to sell again in the next few years.

And if you are anything like us here at S L A B, you are simply repeating the same process. Only in 2018 we have it a little easier, we're all a little smarter and a little wiser.. well not quite! But we do have Instagram and some amazing interior designers that we can follow for inspiration.

So we thought we would put a list together of some of the best Australian interior designers to follow on Instagram. These ultra-clever, design savvy Insta accounts are the ones to follow for the inspiration you have been looking for:

Top 5 Australian Interior Design Instagram Accounts to Follow.



Photography : Felix Forest

We Are Triibe


Fiona Lynch


Photographer : @sharyncairns

Megan Morton


Flack Studio


Above image:

Builder : @sandk_group

Photograher : @brookeholm

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