What is the best lighting for a bedroom?

What is the best lighting for a bedroom?

A bedroom should be a sanctuary, the place where you kick off your shoes after a long day and recuperate. The space where we sleep, read and of course make love. So your bedroom should be perfectly lit! That means versatility!

LED Downlights

Downlights are brilliant for general lighting, providing plenty of light for getting ready, cleaning and finding where you put those damn keys.


Pendant Lights and Wall Lights

Although downlights are great for general lighting, they fail at providing ambience or sufficient reading light. Two pendants either side of a bed are “Tres On Trend”, just make sure they are suspended no more than 1.5m off the floor. Another great option is adjustable wall lights or reading lights. One good tip is to make sure the lights are switched separately either side of the bed. That way your partner doesn't give you the evil eye while your reading your favourite novel.
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Whatever you decide to do with your lighting plan, talk to a professional lighting designer and ensure your lighting gives you 1. General Lighting 2. Task Lighting 3. Ambient Lighting

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