$89.00 $129.00

DIA : 6.5cm

I am a concrete piece of jewellery.
I am strong but sensitive.
I am very superficial
and I do care a lot about my surficial area.
I will develop scratches and colour changes according to your handling.

after a certain time you will be able to see myself growing a beautiful patina.
I like to be the centre of attention,
please take me out and show me around.

I am heavy stuff. and there is nothing much
you can do about my weight.
just wear me with attitude!
I don‰۪t love things such as water, heavy luggage, external pressure and the fall from a great hight. if you take me to the gym or get me in fights

our friendship could suddenly come to an end.

to make a long story short,

I just like to be handled with care!

Note : White and Grey pictured, Black is featured in the image.

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