Fap throw

This origami Folding A-Part throw is playful and surprising with a flat pattern that turns 3-dimensional. This piece is machine washable with soft lining but offers a sculptural look on your couch, bed or even hung as a tapestry on the wall. This piece is interactive and works as "living art" in your home.
The light grey on white plaid is made of special polymer printed cotton. Machine wash friendly (gentle cycle). Printed in a special technique that allows the fabric to fold and turn 3 dimensional. Each Folding A-Part piece has a soft, nice lining on the bottom, framed with a printed border.
Each spread is slightly different then the other, due to the unique making process.

Size: 180x180 cm / 70.8x70.8 inch

Color: grey on white

Materials: Printed cotton, poly/cotton lining
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