Modern candle holder centerpiece

Modern candle holder centerpiece, a set of 4 ceramic candlestick holders, suitable for taper candles, tea-lights, and shabbat candles. Made from a unique material developed in-house, local Basalt Rocks clay, and light Turquoise Ceramics.

> The modular set includes 4 candle holders:
2 holders in the natural Basalt rock color, for taper candles,
standing on top of 2 holders in Light turquoise, for tea-light candles.

> Measurements:
Tall Holders ‰ÛÒ H: 17.5 cm Ì÷ 6.5 cm.
Short Holders ‰ÛÒ H: 2.2 cm Ì÷ 7.2 cm.

> Weight: 420 g.

>Handmade from an original local clay we make from Basalt rocks.
the Basalt is a rock formed from the rapid cooling of basaltic lava,
we grind the rocks and turn them into a casting material.

> Suitable for Shabbat candles

> Our products are shipped in a protective packing

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Our products are shipped with protective packaging.
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