Salt & Pepper Concrete Shaker Set

Measuring approximately 2" in diameter x 2.5" tall, this is the next generation of our recycled concrete shaker set. I built upon the concept of our original shaker set, but I made a few improvements with this design.

As functional as this set is unique, we've incorporated larger capacities; Concrete embossing, as well as two different sized apertures for salt and pepper distribution. Upon close inspection you will notice a "+" and a "-" embossed into the base vessels. Each of these signs indicate the different flow rates that the apertures will yield.

Each shaker is composed of a cap/plug which fits accurately and securely into each base thanks to very narrow tolerances as well as the compression of an FDA approved silicone O-ring. It is noteworthy to mention that the cap/plug only comes off if you are filling the shaker with salt or pepper. You DO NOT have to remove the plug/cap to shake your salt or pepper. The distribution of salt or pepper is facilitated by the different sized apertures which have been cast into the base.

All of our items have corked bases for protection.åÊAll of our items are one of a kind. Each unit is cast in a hand made mold for about a week. We then hand burnish each, and then apply two coats of FDA approved linseed oil.
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